Gorgeous Driftwood Heart from Celtic Coast Creations. This beautiful, bespoke piece of art is ready to hang in your home.

Driftwood Heart

Driftwood Heart - sideDimensions of this gorgeous Driftwood Heart are approximately:

30 cm wide by 30 cm high by 5 cm deep

Created by nature, crafted for you. These beautiful handmade hearts look great on every wall. They can be custom made to fit your space. Get in touch via Facebook or the website to order yours on-line today!

Every piece of wood in this bespoke heart has been carefully selected, sanded and lovingly sculpted. From coast to creation, each piece of driftwood is looked after carefully until crafted into place.

Transforming driftwood into beautiful, one-of-a-kind driftwood artwork is the result of many hours of love. As the layers of driftwood build up and come together, the shape of the final piece begins to emerge.

Additional designs can be commissioned and custom made for your space so feel free to drop us a line if you have specific requirements or dimensions.

For updates on craft-fayres, events and additional information, please check out our facebook page. You can also get in touch via thecontact us section of the site and find us on Pinterest.

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