Spectacular Driftwood Floor Lamp from Celtic Coast Creations. This lamp really is the centre piece of any room. The incredible shadows bounce off the walls and ceiling, dance around the room and provide a lovely soft light.

Driftwood Floor Lamp
Driftwood Floor Lamp wide

Driftwood Floor Lamp

Dimensions of this unique driftwood lamp are approximately:70cm wide by 130cm high by 70cm deep

Make a statement with this stunning Driftwood Floor Lamp from Celtic Coast Creations. Hand-crafted, bespoke driftwood creations can be commissioned and custom-made for your space. Enquire today and order yours!

Shaped by nature, sculpted for you. Each piece of driftwood is carefully sanded by hand before being glued into place. The creative process sees the transformation of individual pieces of driftwood into beautiful bespoke driftwood art.

The full transformation process, from the shores of South Wales into this beautiful, one-of-a-kind driftwood art is the result of many hours of love. View our Driftwood Gallery and unique collection on-line.

Additional designs can be ordered and custom made for your space so feel free to drop us a line with your specific requirements or dimensions.

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View the Driftwood Lamp collection from Celtic Coast Creations or click the pictures below for more information:

Driftwood Floor Lamp

April 18, 2016

Driftwood Table Lamp

January 17, 2016